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Address lookup

Address lookup, otherwise known as reverse geocoding, is used for finding places/addresses for given coordinates. The features property of the results returned is where you will find the list of results that matched the best with your input parameters.



Supported URL parameters

Parameter Type Description
point.lat floating point number Latitude value
point.lon floating point number Longitude value
boundary.circle.radius floating point number Searches only within the given radius from the location
lang string Returns results in the preferred language if such a language-bound name version is available (value can be fi, sv or en)
size integer Limits the number of results returned
layers comma-delimited string array Filters results by source. Value can be oa (DVV address data), osm (OpenStreetMap), nlsfi (National Land Survey), gtfs<feedid>, citybikes<network>. Here feedid refers to GTFS data source feed identifier e.g. hsl and network is the citybike network identifier e.g. smoove.
sources comma-delimited string array Filters results by layer (address, venue, street, stop, station, bikestation, neighbourhood, localadmin, region)
zones integer Value 1 returns an array of potential ticket zones which contain the search point.

Note: You can find out the list of GTFS feed identifiers by querying OpenTripPlanner routing api, for example:


Running this query returns the list of feed identifiers used in Waltti routing services.

Citybike network identifiers can be examined by querying all bike stations:


Response fields

The response contains an array called features. Each feature has a point geometry and properties listed below:

Name Type Description
id string
gid string Global id that consists of a layer (such as address or country), an identifier for the original data source (such as openstreetmap or openaddresses), and an id for the individual record corresponding to the original source identifier, where possible.
layer string Place type (e.g. address), see the list of possible values in the parameter specs above
source string Data source, see the list of possible values in the parameter specs above
source_id string
name string A short description of the location, for example a business name, a locality name, or part of an address, depending on what is being searched for and what is returned.
postalcode number
postalcode_gid string
confidence number An estimation of how accurately this result matches the query. Value 1 means perfect match.
distance number A distance from the query point (in kilometers)
accuracy string
country string Places that issue passports, nations, nation-states
country_gid string
country_a string ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 country code, for example FIN
region string For example Uusimaa
region_gid string
localadmin string Local administrative boundaries, for example Helsinki
localadmin_gid string
locality string Towns, hamlets, cities, for example Helsinki
locality_gid string
neighbourhood string Social communities, neighbourhoods, for example Itä-Pasila
neighbourhood_gid string
label string A human-friendly representation of the place with the most complete details, that is ready to be displayed to an end user, for example East-West Pub, Itä-Pasila, Helsinki
zones array String array of ticket zone identifiers, for example ["HSL:A"]

Request examples

Request to get only one result for the given coordinates


Note: Using parameter size=1 limits the number of results returned to one.

Request to get results for the given coordinates


Note: This will return 10 places by default as the default value of the size parameter is 10 (the maximum value is 40). Specifying a value greater than 40 will override to 40 and return a warning in the response metadata.

Request to get venue results for the same given coordinates


Note: Using parameter layers=venue returns results for points of interest, businesses, things with walls.

Request to get places with a street address for the same given coordinates


Note: Using parameter layers=address returns results for places with a street address.

Request the public transit ticket zone for a location


Note: The response root contains the zone(s) of the exact requested point. Furthermore, each returned feature contains the zone(s) of its own location. Note also that adjacent cities may have overlapping ticket zones. Each zone string is prefixed by the respective GTFS feed identifier (e.g. HSL:B).

Request to get results for the given coordinates using language preference


Note: Using parameter lang=sv returns results in Swedish if such a language-bound name version is available.

Part of the provided geocoding data does not include Swedish names, and part of the data does not specify the language at all. A swedish-speaking person may add a new address entry 'Fabriksgatan xx, Helsingfors' to OpenStreetMap without specifying the language. Address lookup always searches across all documents and returns found items in the preferred language if such a language-bound name version is available, otherwise using the default name, which in reality can represent any language. Most default names are of course in Finnish.

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