Routing Data

Routing Data provides three OpenTripPlanner router zip files: Helsinki region, the Waltti regions, and whole Finland.

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Service Architecture

Data flow

The data flow is described in detail here:

OpenTripPlanner router zip files

We provide a data container for each router (Finland, Waltti, HSL). The currently active routing data can be viewed from the corresponding production HTTP endpoints:




For example, the HSL routing data consists of the following files:

  1. build-config.json This is the OTP configuration file that is used to build the OTP Graph file

  2. This is the prebuilt OTP graph file. The naming convention is graph-<router_id>-<commit_hash>.zip Digitransit OTP will first try to load this file and if it fails (version mismatch) it then downloads that contains all the data so that it can build the graph itself.

  3. hsl.pbf OpenStreetMap data file for the HSL region (used by OTP)

  4. GTFS file (other routers have many different GTFS files)

  5. router-config.json The per-router customized runtime configuration for OTP.

  6. Convenient package for OTP to load when it needs to build a graph (contains all the files)

  7. version.txt A version file that contains a timestamp (for example '2017-08-18T02:32:45.635Z') of the time when the data was processed.

  8. hsl.tif Elevation data file for the HSL regigon (used by OTP, not mandatory).

  9. connected.csv List of stops that could be linked based on OSM data (for debugging purposes).

  10. unconnected.csv List of stops that could not be linked based on OSM data but they still do exist in the graph (for debugging purposes).

See how Routing API utilizes these zip files

Note to users of Finland routing data

Due to changes in Finnish legislation on July 1st, 2018 all trips with value REITTI-XXXXX in column lupasoptunnus in table will be excluded from the kalkati and gtfs national dump files at and as authorities will no longer maintain updates about commercial bus services. The Finland dump files and data container will still contain information about contractual services by the cities and Ely-centers. Please, visit for background information and and for alternative sources of route and timetable information.

For more information contact Mr. Martin Johansson Finnish Transport Agency, FTA Phone +358 295 34 3526 e-mail:

URL Project description OpenTripPlanner upstream OpenStreetMap blog gtfsshapemapfit upstream, fits GTFS shape files to a given OSM map file OneBusAway project, the open source platform for real-time transit info

Docker image

The resulting Docker image is called hsldevcom/opentripplanner-data-container-hsl and it is available at DockerHub. The image can be built using this build script.

To run Docker container, run:

docker run -d -p 8080:8080 --name hsl-data-container hsldevcom/opentripplanner-data-container-hsl

To access Docker container:


For More information about how to use Docker see docker info.