Starting from 3.4.2023, use of Digitransit APIs will require registration. The registration is now open. More information

Geocoding API

Geocoder with geocoding and reverse geocoding support.

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Service Architecture

Running API tests

Read instructions from

URL Project description Pelias development on GitHub Mapzen Search (which is essentially same as Pelias) Pelias-api upstream development on GitHub Pelias fuzzy-tester upstream development on GitHub

Docker image

The resulting Docker image is called hsldevcom/pelias-api and it is available at DockerHub. The image can be built using this build script.

To run Docker container, run:

docker run -d --name pelias-api -p 3100:8080 --link pelias-data-container hsldevcom/pelias-api

To access Docker container:

curl "http://localhost:3100/v1/search?text=helsinki"

For More information about how to use Docker see docker info.