Starting from 3.4.2023, use of Digitransit APIs will require registration. The registration is now open. More information

System architecture

Digitransit architecture is based on microservices architecture. Microservices are small, autonomous services that work together that allow us to build larger applications on top of APIs that the services provide.


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At the moment, we provide five kinds of services

  1. User interface (blue)
  2. Routing API, Geocoding API, and Map API (green)
  3. Real time API (red)
  4. Data containers (yellow)
  5. External components (gray)

User interface

We have built a mobile friendly user interface on top the APIs See it here

Routing API, Geocoding API, and Map API

Routing API, Geocoding API, and Map API are stable and currently available since the launch of production.

Real time API

Real time API is more or less "work in progress". HSL is working on new Ticketing system and at the moment realtime API (arrival prediction, location on map, service alerts) is in "proof of concept" stage.

Data containers

Data containers are images that are used to gather and compile data needed for APIs by the platform. Read more here

External components

External compoments are something that Digitransit depends on. Someone else than us takes care that they work.